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    Warnings on the course

    To ensure that you are optimally prepared for the Wörthersee Gravel Race, we have put together some hazard warnings for you – please read them carefully!

    For training rides and course inspections:
    Please ensure that you always dispose your garbage properly even when you are not racing!
    Ride carefully around farms and farm crossings!
    Be especially careful of people working with agricultural equipment!
    Respect other people’s property!

    Bollard on the course

    There are bollards at several points along the course to prevent cars from entering cycle paths or other off-road roads. Take care and point out bollards ahead to riders behind you.

    Narrow points

    There are some narrowing points on the course. Please be respectful of other participants in your vicinity.

    Not well visible downhills

    Some of the downhills are steep and contain blind spots – e.g. Taborhöhe towards Egger Straße, Orainsattel towards St. Martin.

    Downhill Augsdorfer Straße from Süduferstraße in direction of Seecorso

    Special attention is required on the last downhill section on Augsdorfer Straße before reaching the start and finish area at Seecorso. The Berger parking lot will be ridden to reduce the speed. In the final part before the Seecorso, we ask you to be especially respectful of other participants and to reduce your speed to ensure a safe entry into the Seecorso. We expressly request that you inspect the area before the race. It is a four-minute walk from the Falkensteiner Schlosshotel.

    Crossing the Finish arch*

    Participants who go on to the next loop

    Please ride through the finish arch on the left, as you have to turn left later on. Stickers on the ground mark the direction of the course!

    Participants who have finished the race

    Please ride through the finish arch on the right and keep to the right-hand side. The exit is straight ahead. Stickers on the ground mark the direction of the course!

    First aid & emergency call

    In the case of accidents on the course, participants are obliged to provide first aid. In emergencies, please contact the emergency management or the emergency number. Please save the following numbers:

    Emergency Management Samariterbund +43664 88435988*
    Euro emergency call 112 

    Regulations & Terms of Participation

    The road traffic regulations apply along the entire course (riding on the right, overtaking on the left, riding on sight).

    Despite the closed course, public traffic or traffic by emergency services can be expected on the course at any time. Please ride with foresight and be ready to brake at all times.*

    There will be a partial closure of the course in two areas* (car traffic on one side and bicycle traffic on the other). Crossing the center line is prohibited without exception and constitutes grounds for disqualification.

    Velden to Rosegg (cyclists right / cars left): Loop 1 – KM 2.5; Loop 2 – KM 51.9; Loop 3 – KM 101.3

    Drau bridge in Föderlach (cyclists left / cars right): Loop 1 – KM 10; Loop 2 – KM 59.4; Loop 3 – KM 108.8

    It is the participant’s responsibility to know the course, to have inspected it in advance and to be aware of possible danger spots.

    Garbage may only be disposed off in the area of the official and signposted Feed Zones. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.*

    Chest-mounted cameras (e.g. GoPro’s etc.) with a chest mount are prohibited. They must be attached either directly to the bike or, if a mount is available, to the helmet.*

    If you quit the race without finishing, please report to a marshal and tell them your bib number. Returning against the direction of the course is strictly prohibited!

    Beat Gralf (UCI World Championship Qualifier)

    The cut off for the start of the third loop at the start/finish in Velden is at 13:30. The closing time for the finish is 16:00. The race organizers reserve the right to take participants out of the race at any time if these times cannot be reached.

    Catch Gralf

    The cut off for the start of the second loop at the start/finish in Velden is at 13:30. The closing time for the finish is 16:00. The race organizers reserve the right to take participants out of the race at any time if these times cannot be reached.

    The regulations of the UCI and the Austrian Cycling Federation apply, as well as the Terms of Participation.

    ÖRV Gravel regulations
    Terms of Participation
    UCI regulations

    * Regulations specific to Beat Gralf and Catch Gralf


    * I agree that companies of the Pedal Performance Group (JR Sport & Event Consulting KG, SJ Sales Consulting KG, Top Bike Rental Istria doo) may use the personal information and contact details provided by me to contact me and process my request. This applies in particular to the use of my personal data provided and for the purposes mentioned above. I know that I can withdraw my consent at any time with effect for the future by sending an email to gravel@woerthersee.com or unsubscribing from the newsletter. I have read the privacy policy and accept it.

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